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Working together for outdoor learning and the natural environment

The Wales Council for Outdoor Learning brings together ALL stakeholders involved in Outdoor Learning in Wales.  It recognises that each stakeholder has a valuable role to play in contributing towards a collective, coherent voice for Outdoor Learning in Wales, built on an ethos/foundation of being:

Collaborative      Neutral      Proactive      Strategic

The Wales Council for Outdoor Learning acts as a platform for partnership working, utilising the wealth of experience of organisations, to work together for the benefit of Outdoor Learning, and all involved. 

The Wales Council for Outdoor Learning recognises the huge value and experience that all organisations have in taking Outdoor Learning in Wales forward (regionally, nationally, and whether currently involved or not), and welcomes all to contribute and collaborate moving forward. 

Key Purposes:

·     Act as a voice for [the broad spectrum of] Outdoor Learning in Wales

·     Bring Key Stakeholders from across Outdoor Learning together, utilising their expertise and            specific roles

·     To lead by example and share good practice

·     Facilitate a platform for partnership working

·     To lobby for the development/recognition of Outdoor Learning with Welsh Government and          other key agendas

Background & Rationale:

The Wales Council for Outdoor Learning has been working together for Outdoor Learning in Wales since 2008 (formally the Real World Learning Partnership), and  recognises that whilst there are a variety of key organisations that represent and contribute significantly to the development of Outdoor Learning in Wales, a collective partnership approach is needed to bring all stakeholders together, and to represent the broad spectrum of Outdoor Learning in Wales; from families to schools, Welsh Government to Estyn, and EVERYONE in between.

A Brief History of RWLCP prior to the rebranding can be downloaded here. 

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