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24 - 30 April 2023

2023 Theme: 
Active learning in the outdoors - encouraging healthy confident individuals
Links to the four purposes of the Curriculum for Wales 

Image by Matt Artz

Get outside...

.. just get out there. for a few minutes or an hour, a day or a weekend. Spend time in outdoors in nature. Engage your senses - look, listen, feel... get connected, stay connected

Outdoor Class


Evidence shows that learning in the natural environment improves knowledge and understanding, helping us recognise the impact we have on the environment now and in the future.

Take responsibility...

... by getting involved in activities that take responsibility for nature. Make bird feeders, learn about minimum impact principles, collect litter or plastics or campaign and raise money for a cause.

Planting a Tree

Get Active...

Journey by foot, wheel or water... walk, run, climb, bike, canoe... Spending time outside improves physical & mental well being and guard against obesity, and reduce the symptoms of stress.  

Hiking With Child
Image by Sammy Leigh Scholl

Events in 2023

Coming soon ... Events you can book onto during #WalesOutdoorLearningWeek
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Coming soon  ... Other events taking place this week
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