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Research: mental health and well-being

Here are some sources of research and evidence linked to mental health and wellbeing benefits associated with outdoor learning . 

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Mental Health and Wellbeing
Mental Health and Nature

How connecting with nature 
benefits our mental health

Evidence of how nature impacts positively on our mental health and why it is important to develop a good connection with nature and develop our connectedness. 

Current  research

Current Research in Wales

Here is an overview of some current research being undertaken in Wales linking health and well-being with outdoor learning. Written by Graham French of Bangor University. Please contact him to get involved.

Green Infrastructure

Why Green Spaces matter more than ever

Green Infrastructure: Why well-connected local green spaces matter more than ever during the Coronavirus pandemic, and why change is needed after the crisis

Connection with Nature: Evidence

Connection with Nature: Evidence briefing (EIN015)

This Natural England Connection to Nature (CTN)  evidence briefing reviews international evidence for health and wellbeing impacts.

Sub-documents explore links between natural environments and:  

  •  learning (EIN017) 

  • mental health (EIN018)

  •  physical activity:  (EIN019)

  •  physiological health:  (EIN020)

  •  obesity: evidence briefing (EIN021)

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