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Welsh Government Liaison
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One of the key purposes of the Wales Council for Outdoor Learning is:

To lobby for the development/recognition of Outdoor Learning with Welsh Government and other key agendas.

You can find examples of some of the ways we have done this here


We responded to the 'Refresh of the Criteria for the accreditation of initial teacher education in Wales' consultation in January 2023


See our letter to the new education minister Jeremy Miles, to build on the progressive relationship developed between the Wales Council for Outdoor Learning and the Senedd’s Education Minister Kirsty Williams.

We look forward to working with Jeremy for the benefit of Outdoor learning, nature and supporting young people to make a difference.


We have received a response from education minister Jeremy Miles. You can read it here. 


We responded to the 'Curriculum for Wales British sign language guidance' consultation in March 2021


We responded to the 'Draft framework guidance on embedding a whole-school approach' consultation relating to health and well-being in September 2021.


We responded to the 'Draft Curriculum for Wales 2022 guidance' consultation in July 2019


We responded to the 'Respecting Others' consultation that relates to anti-bullying in February 2019


We responded to the 'Litter and fly-tipping prevention plan' consultation. 


'Draft 10-year plan for the early years, childcare and play workforce in Wales' consultation in 2014.


'The Great Debate' curriculum consultation in 2015


'Draft criteria for the accreditation of Initial Teacher Education programmes in Wales and the proposal for the Education Workforce Council to accredit initial teacher education' consultation 2016 

Gardening Lesson
Real World Learning Cymru Partnership

The Wales Council for Outdoor Learning began life as the Real World Learning Cymru Partnership (RWLCP) formed in 2007 and officially launched in 2009. It brought together organisations that supported and delivered of Out of Classroom Learning, in both the natural and built environment across Wales.

The partnership shared good practice amongst its members and with the education sector through training events and resources. It acted as a voice for the sector helping to raise the profile of Out of Classroom Learning and highlight its many benefits. It aimed to foster greater understanding and appreciation of its value and its vital contribution to sustainable development and global citizenship.

In 2017, the partnership was reviewed and was rebranded as Wales Council for Outdoor Learning in 2018. A Brief History of RWLCP prior to the rebranding can be downloaded here. The consultation responses below were submitted as the Real World Learning Cymru Partnership. 

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