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Wooden Hut

Our Work

Key Purposes:

·     Act as a voice for [the broad spectrum of] Outdoor Learning in Wales

·     Bring Key Stakeholders from across Outdoor Learning together, utilising their expertise and specific roles 

·     To lead by example and share good practice

·     Facilitate a platform for partnership working

·     To lobby for the development/recognition of Outdoor Learning with Welsh Government and other key agendas


Welsh Government Liaison

Information about the lobbying we have done and consultations we have commented on recently will be available soon.


We have identified some sources of research and evidence highlighting the multiple benefits associated with outdoor learning, which can lead to increased attainment, improved physical and mental well-being and a meaningful connection with nature


Training and Events

Wales Outdoor Learning Week was one of the many events across the country which was cancelled or postponed in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Week is back this year, with a programme of activities scheduled between 19-25 April. 

Outdoor Learning Resources

Many of our member, partner and support organisations have produced resources and activity ideas. 

Please find links to some that you may find useful. 

Many Kites
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