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Research: Covid 19 and outdoor learning

Here are some sources of research and evidence linked to the Covid 19 pandemic that have relevance to outdoor learning. Physical and mental health and wellbeing are key focii as well as connection to nature and access to green space.

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Outdoors and Covid 19
Current Research 

Current Research in Wales

Here is an overview of some current research being undertaken in Wales linking health and well-being with outdoor learning. Written by Graham French of Bangor University. Please contact him to get involved.

Coronovirus and Me 

This report from the Children’s Commissioner for Wales presents the views and experiences of 19,737 children and young people, age 3-18, in the current lockdown. It is essential reading for decision-makers and those who support our children everyday in Wales.

The main findings include matters relating to Frustrations and anger, Loneliness, Learning and Inequalities as well as some positives from the pandemic.

Engagement with Nature 

Engagement with Nature and Covid restrictions.

This study explores people’s connection with trees, woodlands and wider nature before and during the Covid-19 pandemic and the benefits they gained from these interactions.  It is based on results from an on-line survey which was open from mid- June to July 2020. It was carried out as part of the Active Forests Programme which is funded by Forestry England and Sport England with support from the National Lottery.

Greenspace and mental health during lockdown

Contact with blue-green spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown beneficial for mental health

This Science Direct report published in February 2021 highlights:


  • Lockdown severity is positively associated with poor mental health.

  • Nature contact ‘buffers’ the negative effect of lockdown on mental health.

  • People perceived that nature helped them to cope better with lockdown measures.

  • Access to outdoor spaces and nature views associated with more positive emotions.

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